1. How do you recline the AirChair ? The Air Chair Reclines to ANY position ...  All the way back to the bow position (like a hammock) for napping, or all the way forward for reading. You are not restricted to one position. To Recline remove the overhead dowel, and feed an inch or so of the rope into the pocket from the front and pull it out on the backside. Do this to both sides, making both arm dowels the same angle. Put the overhead dowel back in. That's it ... it's siesta time !

2. How high off the ground should the seat of the AirChair be ? We recommend the bottom of the airchairs be no more than 18 inches off the ground. The ideal height from the ground for a 6 foot person is 15 inches. Adjust a bit higher if you are taller, or lower if you are shorter. After a few sittings you will find your comfort zone.

3. Are there limitations on how high, or how low I can connect the AirChair ? The AirChair comes ready to hang from an eyehook from 4-9 ft. high. If connection point is higher than 9 feet, simply come down with an acceptable extension (chain, rope, etc.) and connect to that. Just be sure the extension can handle the load !

4. Where can I hang an AirChair ? Perfect for the back yard, porch, patio, deck or family rooms. Just hang the chair off a single tree branch, or use our included hardware to easily connect to an overhead joist or beam. Great for Camping! Just hang the chair off a single tree branch, or overhead joist or beam. Transport it & store it in the included tote bag. 4" x 4" x 44" and weighs less than 9 lbs.

5. What is your warranty ? We have a 2 year Manufacturers warranty against any fabric defect, excluding color fading. In the years of business, we have experienced only two returns to date. Both were dealt with immediately ! We've done it right the first time.

6. Does your product fade ? Colors fade and fading accelerates when left in direct sunlight. To avoid rapid color fading, hang the chair in a shady area. The fabric doesn't lose its strength integrity, if faded ! Call us @ 877-The-Chair and we'll discuss which colors would be best for your situation.

7. How easy is it to install ? A Single Overhead Connection for both the Air Chair & Footrest! Use the included eye bolt, drill one 5/16" hole into any solid 2 x 4 or larger joist or beam, or simply wrap it around a tree limb or beam. This gives you a lot of flexibility as to where you can hang this Chair!

8. How does it compare to a hammock ? With a hammock, you are restricted to one basic position. You also don't need two connection points, like a hammock. You don't have to lie in the "bow" position , as the Air Chair reclines to any position you desire ! Not to mention the comfort of the airchair is much greater, and the life of an airchair will outlast anything on the market ! 

9. What's so good about denier nylon ? The AirChair consists of 2 layers of the superior Denier Nylon fabric.  Denier Nylon is the steel of the fabric industry. It's Decay-Proof ... won't rot, mold, or mildew, like cotton canvas products. We use the same fabric as your $600 high-end backpacks found in the Outfitter Stores. Back Packs that go up Mount Everest are made of this same material! You can leave it outside if you'd like, the Air Chair won't be affected!

10. What kind of rope is used for the airchair ? Rope is made of Polyethylene. This is the same rope the coast guard uses same as water ski tow rope. The rope is rated to hold over 2000 lbs. on each side, and is UV Protected so the sun doesn't get to it !

11. What kind of wood is used for your dowels ? We've changed our dowels over the years. It began using a Northern White Ashe from the State of Maine. In mid 1999 we switch to a dowel made from African Redwood. We have since gone back to a thicker and lighter colored dowel.

12. Can I order the AirChair without the Armrests and Beverage holder ? Although the armrests and the beverage holder are by no means mandatory, they make for a very nice enhancement to the chair with respect to comfort. Gives you excellent elbow support especially for reading. 99.9% of our customers buy the airchair with the armrests and beverage holder, so this is the way we package them. If you own "another" hanging chair, you may order armrests and beverage holder separately on our accessories page.

13. I saw a chair just like yours for $39, why is yours more ? There are lots of knock off chairs on the market these days, some ever call it an airchair and some even have taken our brochure with our phone number so once sold they call us for warranty problems and we of couse they explain to them that they have bought a knock off from an impersonator. They might be cheaper, but basically you get what you pay for!

14. How's the chair on your back ? The AirChair give you unbelievable lower lumbar support, and at the same time is more comfortable than any chair you probably own. ( This is a bold statement ...but true ! ) Similar comfort levels at Back Stores will run in the region of $800-$900. The further back you recline the airchair, the better the support and comfort gets!

15. How much weight can the AirChair hold ? Basically, if you can fit in it, you can sit in it! We do recommend no more than 300 lbs. of weight , as the integrity of wood that your are putting your eye bolt into varies from home to home due to age and density of the wood. Wrapping the chair around a beam instead of using the eyebolt could be an alternative in heavy situations.